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Friday, November 24, 2017

Is Europe's best beer from Italy?

What is the best craft beer in the world? There are countless "Best Beer this" and "Greatest Beer that" awards and lists, but the best always is subjective. What someone likes is the best, and that depends on their own experience, personal style and taste. Period.

When Enzo Ferrari set out to make the Italian luxurious sport car he obviously wasn't trying to manufacture a normal car. He set out to make a superior car and did. Ferrari remains one of the worlds greatest sports cars. Is it the best? Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston-Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce like to believe they are. All are superior automobiles. When asked what can one do to improve something, make it better and the answer is "I don't know" or "nothing" then its safe to label something superior.

Tenute Collesi was established in 1870 but the Collesi family had been farming on the lands for three centuries. It was decades later when Giuseppe Collesi decided he would begin brewing beer on the family Estate.   

Like Enzo Ferrari, Collesi too was not out to produce yet another ordinary beer. He set out to create something superior.  He did, and these are some of the reasons why we believe this.


Why is a scenic little mountain town of approximately 2000 inhabitants in the region of Marche labeled Italy's City of Beer?

Nestled in the Apennine/Mount Nerone foothills is Apecchio a village that is leading the Italian craft beer scene and is called "La Citta della Birra" which is Italian for City of Beer. This is the location of Collesi's extremely traditional yet ultra modern brewery. 

Apecchio, the City of Beer

apecchio la citta della birra si trova la miglior birra del Italia
Citta della Birra

europe's best beer
Apecchio, Italy: The City of Beer

Water and Ingredients

Collesi pulls the water it uses for brewing from a well that is located on the family's Estate. Its source, the nearby Mt Nerone, whose exceptional limestone rich water is considered among the best in the world for brewing. The spring water is so pristine it needs no treatment - no filtering, no modification, no reversed osmosis, This is pure, virgin artisan water. Next time you're at your favorite brewpub, ask for a glass of water. It's the same water they use for brewing. Chances are the water is not that good or average at best.

The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields and processed at a nearby mill that is part-owned by the Collesi family.

Brew Masters call this type of beer a "zero-kilometer craft beer" because from the moment the ingredients are planted, beers brewed, bottled and sold - it does not leave the estate. 

Collesi controls the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished product: Even the bottling and labels are done at the brewery.

A true local beer!

mt nerone, marche, italy
Snow capped Mt. Nerone

Best water for brewing
Pristine water of Mt Nerone
collesi bloom to bottle

zero kilometer beer:   Brewmasters call Collesi a 0-km beer because it travels 0 km from the time ingredients are grown to the time it is made, bottled and sold
Zero-KM beer


Giuseppe Collesi's love and respect for the Trappist breweries of Belgium and his quest to ultimate perfection led him to Marc Knops. Marc brews and oversees production for some of the best breweries including Achel, De Halves Maan, Delirium Tremens and Malheur, spending a few days each month at each brewery.

Mr Knops spends two weeks of the month at Tenute Collesi Brewery.

All Collesi beers are brewed in very small-batches using an ancient monks recipe. All Collesi beers are top fermented and are bottled raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally re-fermented in the bottle.  

Instead of an expiration date on the bottle, Collesi have the date they were born.

Marc Knops Collesi
Marc Knops, Collesi Brewmaster

greatest beer


The accumulation of prestigious  awards continues. Collesi this year has won prestigious medals in every major beer competition in the world.

The Collesi brewery is a “zero emission” plant, complete with a 32 kW photovoltaic installation, a steam generator and an energy production system fueled with wood pellets, with the total absence of hydrocarbons and LPG

So,  is this Europe's best beer? You decide.
ME Fine Wines is proud to exclusively work in the US with
Collesi, a truly superior craft beer

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Monday, May 11, 2015

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Fine Wines and Craft Beers



Azienda Agricola Scarbolo, Grave

A personal friend for the past 15 years. Valter loves Las Vegas! A frequent visitor to the USA
 often hosting  tastings and dinners in Las Vegas, NYC, San Fran and in LA.  

Valter inherited the “love of the land” from his father Gino who ran a modest farm in Lauzacco a small town located in the heart of the Friulian plains. Today, Valter cultivates over 25 hectars of vineyards on that same land. Azienda Agricola Scarbolo is a family-operated winery located on the right bank of the Torre River and 5 km south of the Colli Orientali.

The terrain is of alluvial origins and is composed of clay and gravel deposited during the Quaternaria era. The vineyards are located in close proximity to the cellar and are cultivated according to the Guyot training system.

Pinot Grigio
Serious Pinot Grigio! 60% whole clusters are soft pressed immediately after harvesting. The remaining is destemmed, and left on the skins for 24 hours of cold maceration before pressing.  Fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, then aged on the lees in stainless steel for 6 months with frequent batonnages. This  is the real deal. Benchmark Friulian Pinot Grigio at its best

 In Friuli, the climate and soil are ideal for the Sauvignon, a grape which responds greatly to soil and climate conditions. On the nose, aromas of peaches, mango, bell peppers and sage. On the palate, a structured body delivers an evolution of flavors that harmonize with its intense bouquet. Enjoy as an aperitif or pair with light fish dishes, Prosciutto and melon.

These grapes come the part of the vineyard located on a river bank on very rich dark red clay soils. 60% whole clusters soft pressed immediately after harvesting. The other 30% undergoes a brief cold maceration before pressing. 10% is slightly allowed to dry before soft pressing. Spectacular!

"My Time"
 Chardonnay 40%, Sauvignon 30%, Friulano 30% 
                   Half aged in stainless steel and the remaining 1/2in French   oak barrels for 24 months or more on the noble lees. 
                 Bottled when it’s “time” and aged in the bottle for at least a year. 
92 Points AntonioGalloni - The Wine Advocate

Pinot Grigio Ramato XL

Hand selected in three separate harvests. Valter starts by carefully selecting fruit from the oldest  vineyard site.
50% of the fruit is destemmed, and then left with the skins for 4 daysand  during this, gets its luminous copper color.

                    After separating juice from skins, half completes its fermentation in 500 Lt oak barrels and the remaining half in stainless steel tanks. Then part of the juice undergoes a brief cold maceration and is transferred in stainless steel tanks for fermentation. This is NOT a Rose. Its most definitely not Blush! It is Ramato style Pinot Grigio. An authentic Friuliantradition

91 Points Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate

 100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 

This native Friulian varietal dates back to the Roman Empire. The color is an intense and deep ruby red with violet reflections. Notes of white pepper unfold to reveal aromas of sweet plum jam and earthy spice. On the palate, it reveals a strong personality and robust structure.
 91 Points Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate

 After de-stemming, fermentation occurs in small 225L French barriques. During fermentation, the wine undergoes several manual punchdowns of the cap, 3-4 per day – this is done to obtain a maximum extraction of color and sweet tannins. After fermentation the wine is placed in small French barriques for  10 months and bottle aged for an additional 8 months before release

Campo Del Viotto       
 100% Merlot
25 year old vines made only in select years with the finest fruit from the harvest. The first whole clusters harvested are dried out in crates for about 20 days.
They are then destemmed and transferred to small oak barrels for fermentation. The whole clusters from the late harvest are immediately destemmed and also placed in small oak barrels. During fermentation, they conduct frequent manual punch downs of the cap, allowing for maximum color and tannin extraction from the skins and the mature fruit.
 90 Points - Wine Spectator





Moscato d'Asti

La Mozza

Morellino di Scansano


Konzelmann, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 

Konzelmann is Niagara's "exclusive lakefront winery" founded by Herbert Konzelmann, a 4th generation winemaker from Stuttgart, Germany. Friedrich Konzelmann had a winery and restaurant in Uhlbach, near Stuttgart in 1893. He was a noted gourmet, and considered by many to be quite knowledgeable about food and wine. Herbert, his great grandson, decided to go to Canada to be in the business because land was too scarce for new vineyards in Germany, as well as too expensive. His ideal location turned out to be on the shores of Lake Ontario due to the meso-climate that he likened to Alsace. He found a good balance of sun, soil, airflow, and moisture for growing grapes. On a clear day, one can see Toronto. 
We present two wines from his portfolio, a Riesling, which he makes into a drier "Alsace" style, and a Vidal Icewine. Those of you who have not been to Canada or the North East of the United States may not be familiar with this variety. Vidal is a hybrid of Seibel 4986 and Ugni blanc (the Cognac grape) better known as the most planted white grape in Italy - Trebbiano.  With its thick skins, it can withstand the Canadian weather and maintains good acids. There are notes of dried apricot and honey in the Canadian Icewines, with a bigger richness than one finds in German Eiswein. To make Icewine, Canadian law states that the temperature must be -8 degrees Celsius / 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The sugars must be no less than 35 degrees Brix which is a higher picking number than Germany. German Eiswein must be of Beerenauslese levels of 110-128 degrees Oechsle, while Canadian Icewines must be 153.5 degrees Oechsle.

While Canada produces more Icewines than any other country (remember this is the land of ice hockey), only Konzelmann received a ranking in The Wine Spectator's Top 100 wines for 2008 for the Vidal Icewine - the ONLY Canadian winery to receive that honor. In the 43rd Vinitaly and International Wine & Spirit Competition, Konzelmann got the Grand Gold Award. They also picked up a Grand Gold Award in the U.K. International Wine & Spirits Competition. Konzelmann wines are a striking testimony to the efforts of Canadian winemakers to show the world that our Northern neighbor has also arrived on the stage as a small, but promising player, when you are choosing fine wines for your establishments. 

Pinot Blanc
Pinot Noir
Vidal Ice Wine                                                             .375ml                                    
 95 Points WS
Highest rated Canadian wine to date and the only Canadian wine to make the wine spectators top 100

Chateau Des Charmes, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 

Seven generations of the Bosc family have been born into this way of life.
You might say it’s in their blood. In fact, they even live on the farm.

Ch√Ęteau des Charmes was founded in 1978 by Paul Bosc, a fifth generation French winegrower.
Paul and his young family arrived in Niagara with the idea that growing our own grapes was the best way to
make fine wine. More than ever, we believe in this Estate Winery model and we make our wine only from grapes we’ve grown ourselves. When Paul arrived in Niagara he just knew this place was special. The glacial soils, warm days and cool nights and the lush countryside reminded him of Burgundy where he studied oenology and viticulture at the University of Burgundy at Dijon. Today we farm four vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, located in two distinct sub-appellations – St. David’s Bench and Four Mile Creek.

Cabernet Franc



Collesi, Arpecchio, Marche, Italy

The brewery is located at 700 meters above sea level in the village of Arpecchio, named "La Citta della birra"  The City of beer  in the mountainous area in le Marche called Monte Nerone. The brewery is called La Fabbrica Della Birra Tenute Collesi which translates to "The Collesi Beer Factory". 

The prized spring water from Monte Nerone provides the water for their fine brewed offerings.
All the Collesi beers - unpasturized, unfiltered, and naturally refermented in the bottle - are brewed in small batches with the traditional top fermenting method, with a moderate hop bitterness profile.

Chiara Rossa